rot.js was designed to provide help with traditional chores of roguelike programming. It does not use or depend on any other JS framework or library. It is an Open Source Software released under the BSD License.


Just download the rot.js file and include it in your page. You can then start using the functions and objects in the ROT namespace.


This manual is interactive: click on any example to modify its source and re-run it by clicking elsewhere. Use the navigation menu to the left to access other chapters of this manual.
Note: Examples in this manual use the SHOW function, which is not a part of rot.js. This helper function is available only to interactive examples.

Browser support

rot.js works in all recent versions of reasonably modern browsers. More specifically, those who support the HTML5 <canvas> element: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9. You can check if the browser is supported:

SHOW( ROT.isSupported() )