These days with the rapid and drastic development of technology and the application of advanced science and research, it is no secret that the household chores have become quite easy to perform. Laundry for instance; how easy it has become to clean the laundry using a washing machine; instead of washing it manually. If not for a washing machine, cleaning up the laundry in the conventional method requires a lot of time in addition to so much of effort. In developing countries, people lack financial capacity to purchase such machines and even if they do manage to purchase, the electricity cost to run these machines is very high. For this particular reason, Mr. Alex Cabunoc and Mr. Ji A You have created the Gira Dora. The Gira Dora is an exquisite combination of a foot pedal powered spin dryer and a fantastic washer, which work hand in hand with each other; with ease and comfort.   As it costs only 40 US Dollars, this innovative appliance serves a big deal to eradicate the disadvantages of being in a poor community; in a very inexpensive manner.

Pedal-Powered Gira Dora Washer Costs only 40$ and Needs No Electricity 


Gira Dora is designed particularly for the people who live in nations that are very poor and its people who have very little money to spare for the luxuries of modern contraptions. Thus, the Gira Dora washer aims to relieve the people of the burden of washing clothes which can be quite time consuming. (for about 6 hours a day on 2-3 days each week). Water and soap is to be placed in a tub which is portable. Then the lid is placed on the top of it which plays the role of a seat. After this, user has to rest himself/ herself on the washer and the foot pedal that is loaded with an expandable spring; is to be pumped. This pumping stimulates the mechanical action within the washer causing the commencement of washing process.





The impressive design of the Gira Dora washer is used immaculately to abate the back pain caused and the straining of the wrist caused due to repeated washing, wringing and scrubbing of the clothes for hours together and thus the hands are free to perform other tasks.  In a Gira Dora washer, a lot of clothes can be washed at the same time instead of washing clothes one by one; thus saving lots of precious water and not to mention the human effort. The Gira Dora washer thus, avoids health problems for the washer and also the development of molds on the wet fabric. This wonderful invention of Gira Dora washer can also be successfully used to earn a substantial income by offering laundry services and direct sales.

As of now, the Gira Dora washer is being filed tested in the country of Peru with plans to insinuate it into the South American and Indian market. Dell Social INNOVATION Challenge and International Design Excellence Awards have recognised the Gira- Dora project and have given it recognition.

To check on the progress of the project, you can follow their Facebook Page.